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reddiamo_thm.gif (287 bytes) Sail Software is a New Zealand based consulting company  which targets the provision of value-added software engineering services while applying standards of consistency and reliability associated with professional bodies.

An association with Sail Software should be viewed by our clients and associates as the basis for a long-term relationship.

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Our client services include:

Business requirements analysis.
Forward engineering into data and function models.
Software solution prototyping.
Database design (Oracle, SQL Server).
Front-end development (Visual Basic, Delphi, MS-Access).
Executive Information Systems design and development.
Project Procedures development and documentation.

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Sail Software does not offer project management services, rather we seek to provide value-added services to client-managed projects.

C o n t a c t

Telephone +64-9-476-3000
FAX +64-9-476-3005    
Postal address PO Box 300-744 Albany Auckland New Zealand
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